What’s been going on?

Hello once again.

It seems that we have a bad habit of neglecting this place.
It’s easy to do, what with everyone being on Facebook these days!

I keep telling myself I need to come back here to sort it all out, but it’s a huge undertaking, and I don’t know if I can do some of what needs doing here.

What’s new?

Well, we lost a member. It’s a sad fact that when you form a band, people are not always going to be able to agree all the time, or be able to all be as flexible. This is especially true when you go and make a 6 piece band!

Unfortunately, Maddox has decided the time is right for him to step down as our keysman. We are parting on good terms, and he will be missed. It does leave us once again incomplete though. We’re searching, and out there, somewhere, is the next member of HDE!

If you want to come down to his last show, it’s at The Exchange in Bristol on the 22nd of this month! That will probably be your last chance to pick up a free copy of the limited release December single, Once they’re gone, they are most definitely gone!

Think that’s all for now, but soon we will have a lot more to talk about… Oh yes….

Will <3

The EP is upon us! [Competition time]

Hello friends.

What an exciting time this has been for myself, and the rest of HDE.

The debut EP is finally out there in the world, and it really is seeing a lot of the globe already! To those who have ordered a copy from us from all over the world, they are winging their way towards your doors as you read this. To grab your copy from our webstore tonight, just head here – CLICK ME

From today, the EP is also available to download from iTunes too! If you prefer MP3s to CDs, simply go here to to be taken to the iTunes store.

To celebrate the launch of the EP, we shall be running a competiton on Twitter. All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a signed copy of the EP is retweet the following post from @HerDarkEmbrace<--Click to go to the page!

"Her Dark Embrace's debut EP is out now! Want to win a signed copy? RT this for your chance! More details - http://tinyurl.com/bot695p <3 #HDE"

This competition will be running for 24 hours, starting 6:00pmGMT

In other news, HDE will be playing live at the end of the month, headlining at The Louisiana in Bristol, and then it's Christmas party time! Come catch us in Birmingham on the 6th of December with our friends, Obscure Pleasures! We can't wait for that one!

Until then,

Will <3

Keys if you please (HDE studio update three)

It’s the middle of the week when Maddox gets to step up to the plate. Today was the day the keyboards all got tracked, and the speed in which he got it done is truly a credit to him as a keyboard player.

The ever proficient although often worrying Maddox got all of his keyboard parts recorded in under 3 hours!

Having the keys put over the tracks has really made them sound so much more “full” than they did before. The finished sound is going to be so big, we hope it’s going to surprise people!

Mike also finished tracking the last of his solos, and the music now lies in a semi-complete state (no vocals though).

Thursday morning will be the first time we get to hear these songs in a semi mixed state, and then, all that will be left to track, are the vocals.

Another update tomorrow…


Happy Birthday Superhans (HDE studio update two)

Tuesday was one thing, and one thing only… Guitar day!

(Oh, and Superhans’ birthday…. Two things only)

Today we tracked Mikey and Hans’ guitar parts. Having the guitars layered onto the songs has really brought life to these tracks and made it sound so much bigger!

We have the privilege of getting our hands on a huge pair of amps. The power and noise when you’re standing in front of them was something else!

The solos were the last thing to be tracked, and they sounded incredible! Both Mikey & Hans’ have played so well, and you can really hear it on these tracks.

Today, we return once again to the darkness of the studio.

When there, Mike and Maddox will be working to get the rest of the guitar & the keyboards down respectively.

More later guys,

Much love

HDE <3

“A little drum & Bass” – HDE studio update one

Just like that, day one has come and gone.

The music is already sounding better than anything we have ever recorded before, and we only have the drums and bass recorded.

The guide tracks we recorded to aid Steve & Tim gave us a chance to really hear what these songs could sound like when they are done.

We worked our asses off yesterday, making sure every single part of what we did sounded right before moving on to the next. The results are already paying off, as hearing the tracks come together as we first imagined them is a feeling difficult to put into words.

Tuesday will see us celebrating Superhans’ birthday in an especially fitting way…

By tracking the guitar all day (can’t wait for the solos)!

Couldn’t really have timed it better!

Expect another update from HDE later today


What’s on your mind?

We have now got personalized email addresses for each member of the band!

If you have something you’ve always wanted to tell Will, or a question you’ve been meaning to ask Superhans, it’s now even easier to do so!

As a band, we always try to ensure we talk to everyone who gives us any time, but with our Facebook pages getting increasingly busy, we may unfortunately miss something.

These email addresses mean that you can contact one member directly, and we wont miss a word from your beautiful minds!

To contact simply add “@herdarkembrace.com” to one of the following:
♥ Will
♥ Mike
♥ Superhans
♥ Maddox
♥ Steve
♥ Tim

You can now also make booking inquiries to our manager, Andy, by emailing:
bookings @ herdarkembrace.com

We look forward to hearing from you all…

Breath Is Just A Clock….

Good evening to you who find yourselves in one the darker corners of the world wide web tonight.

Just a few words to let you know about whats going on at the moment in the world of HDE.

In just three weeks time, we will be heading into the studio to finally get the EP recorded & ready to launch come Halloween! We can’t wait to get it out to you as just a taster of what we are really about.

The track list has been set, and the artwork has started to come together.

It really is a very exciting time for us!

Before that happens though, we have a gig at The Croft [Bristol] on the 12th of Sept! Would be great to see some of your faces in the crowd once again, not to mention make some new friends!

Remember, you can find out where we are playing on the SHOWS PAGE.

We will do our best to ensure that is always kept up to date

Until next time,
HDE <3

Wrapped In Darkness…

A huge thank you to all who braved the English summer rain last night to join us for what was definitely a great night!

We all had a wonderful time, and met so many new, cool & interesting people.

It was great to see so many people in the crowd, especially those down at the front who were really getting into it!

AshestoAngels, Cauda Pavonis & Inkubus Sukkubus were on top form too!

Your next chance to catch HDE live is the 12th of September at The Croft in Bristol once again!

You can find out more about that show, and all those to come on our SHOWS PAGE

Until next time we meet…


HDE Live Tonight!

Tonight’s forecast… Darkness.

Yes friends, tonight, HDE will be opening for the awesome Inkubus Sukkubus at The Fleece in Bristol.

Also on the bill this evening are Cauda Pavonis and Bristol’s own AshestoAngels.

This show will mark our biggest to date, and should be an awesome night of rock n’ roll for all souls who find themselves among the crowds.

There is still time to get your name on the guest list if you want to come down and have fun with us.

Doors open at 7:30, and HDE will be taking the stage at 8:00pm.

We hope to see you there,

HDE <3

The calm before the storm…

Hello friends.

So much has changed in the past few months, it seems like a whirlwind of events has kept our heads on a perma-spin.

Firstly, HDE have been gigging, and it’s been going very well. The reception of our live shows has been incredible, and things seem to be moving fast as we gain a reputation, especially in our home city of Bristol.

Secondly, there is the record contract. See that one coming? We didn’t. Yes, HDE are now proudly signed to Static Muse records, and through them we will be bringing out our first EP! That will be available in time for Halloween…. Appropriate no?

Speaking of Halloween, want to come to our little Halloween party? We will be playing live along with a bunch of other wicked bands, to celebrate the launch of our EP! The night promises to be a good one, with prizes for the best dressed, live music, and of course, alcohol a-plenty!

Join us wont you?