A dark new world

Good morning to you…

…It’s been a little while hasn’t it.

I thought I might try to get this site into some sort of working order. Given how much work there is to do here, this may or may not happen!
I have done a little pruning though. I’ve gotten rid of old bios, removed old posts, and taken care of the 16,520 spam comments that were awaiting approval!

Where to begin. A lot has changed since we first started this band, so many years ago. We have had members depart, a new member join, even a 13 month hiatus! Where are we now? What are we doing? Read on

The past
So, this band started off as a six piece. It was a lot of fun, but very hard to organize! Then we dropped to a five with the departure of Maddox. After working out how to replace various keys elements in the live environment, we moved forward as a five for some time. Things seemed good, and were only getting better. The momentum was picking up, and we were getting stronger.

Then, we hit a rather big speed bump. Steve and Hans left the band.

This effectively put HDE out of commission for a long time. We searched for the right bass player for a very long time before finding Ben, and in that time, we basically hid away from this cruel old world and worked on new material.

In January, we announced that we were back and looking to book gigs, and just last week, we headlined The Fleece in Bristol at our rather successful comeback show. This brings us to…

The Present

Currently, we are moving forward as a four piece. We have brought in a Mac book to cover synths on stage, which works well (when it’s not crashing).
Ultimately, we would love to get a new keys played involved so that we can go back to playing music totally live. That is what we’re truly about, but that will have to come in time.

We’re selling tickets to our next gig, which is an awesome support slot we feel very fortunate to have been offered. We will be supporting The Birthday Massacre on April 26th at The Fleece. Tickets are selling well, which is only encouraging us to push even harder!

The Future

So, the future. Who knows what it holds?
As mentioned, we have the gig on April 26th, we are continuing to work on new songs, yet to see that dark of night, and our search for a keys player will begin a-new!
As long as we can help it though, we won’t be taking another 13 month hiatus, that for sure!

Until we speak again,

Will HDE <3